Three Tips From Our Most Successful Clients

We have taken a special interest in listening to the trials and tribulations of our clients who are running successful Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) programs to better understand what has (and has not) helped propel their profitable programs. Here are three tips from our most successful practices:
1. Your staff MUST buy in. 
If your team doesn’t take CCM/BHI seriously, you’ll likely struggle to consistently generate revenue….and people take financial incentives seriously. Your nursing staff is a critical part of making CCM/BHI successful in your practice. We suggest incentivizing your nursing staff by offering a quarterly bonus of 10% for whatever CCM/BHI revenue is generated.

2. Using the right software matters…a lot. 
Our research has shown that without a dedicated and easy-to-use software, CCM/BHI services fall through the cracks and the programs rarely take off into anything meaningful. To stay organized and efficient, your practice should utilize an electronic solution that can be customized to fit the health needs of your patients with a no-frills approach to consistent patient engagement. Your software should intuitively record the requirements for CCM/BHI, allowing providers to sleep comfortably knowing they have an audit-proof system in place. 

3. Go all-in with a full-service option. 
If you and your staff do not have the bandwidth to manage a new or existing CCM/BHI program, use a full-service option to get the revenue rolling. Your full-service provider should have licensed professionals who are dedicated to being an extension of your staff and represent your practice with the utmost professionalism. Additionally, full-service providers can handle burdensome and time-consuming nursing tasks—prior authorizations, CCM/BHI documentation, medication questions, health counseling—so that your nursing staff is there to support the physicians and the patients in the office. A full-service provider should have three goals for your practice: 1) help providers spend less time on non-reimbursable tasks, 2) improve patient engagement, and (most importantly) 3) significantly increase revenue with CCM/BHI services. 

Together Clinic’s software and full-service features can help revive your practice’s existing CCM/BHI programs. We can also help you easily start a CCM/BHI program from scratch! Either way, we are here to help. Start a conversation with us or schedule a demo to see how Together Clinic can decrease your staff’s workload and increase provider revenue. 

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