CCM in Mechanical Circulatory Support (VAD) Programs

There are currently 159 CMS approved Destination Therapy Ventricular Assist Device programs in the United States. Universally, these programs have coordinators who take meticulous care of their patients, managing everything from anticoagulation to new heart failure symptoms. VAD implantation can be profitable for institutions who take advantage of all the billing codes surrounding implantation and follow up visits. However, if programs fail to capture all of the available revenue, they can fall into the red.

VAD coordinators spend a great deal of non-face-to-face time with their patients each month. This time can be billed under CCM if the coordinators understand the requirements for billing and document their activities appropriately. With the expansion of the CCM codes to include more time spent for more complex patients, many VADs will fall under high billable rates for CCM codes, reimbursing upwards of $100 per month. This can occur each and every month that the CCM requirements are met and documented appropriately.

The coordinators are leaving thousands of dollars each year unmilled for work they are already doing.

That being said, software specific to VADs can be difficult to find. However, Together Clinic combines the ability to document CCM codes along with VAD-specific proactive patient monitoring. The data collected can be viewed by any member of the care team, including coordinators, cardiologists, and surgeons.

Give us a call today or request a free demo and start collecting all of the revenue your program is leaving on the table.

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