Thompson Delivers Address at Mensa Annual Gathering

Together+Clinic Co-Founder and practicing heart surgeon Rick Thompson M.D. delivered a talk on “Revolutionizing the Continuum of Healthcare” at the American Mensa Annual Gathering on July 3, in Louisville, KY. Thompson talked about the problems of the traditional continuum of care in medicine and how challenging good and efficient care when patients only see their doctor during routine office visits.

“The continuum of care is and always has been fractured, patients with chronic conditions see their doctors for a visit and then may not see them again for 3 or 6 months, a lot can happen in between. We can and must do better than this.” Thompson argued.

“Together+Clinic can help revolutionize this care continuum. If patients can give us 2-3 minutes a day, we
can use the data and make a big difference in the care of their chronic condition”

Thompson shared data from a beta test that reduced hospital readmission for patients using the Together+Clinic application after heart surgery by 64% compared to historical controls.

Further, patients reported they felt better connected to their physician and more peace of mind if they used the free application.

Developed by physicians, Together Clinic simplifies the connection between doctors and
patients. The technology is designed to improve patient care while
reducing costs to healthcare systems. To learn more about Together Clinic,

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